{Fun, Yum & Frills} A unique spin on a Cinco de Mayo bar cart by subbing out the alcohol and bar items to create a fun chips and salsa cart! #mexicanfood #cincodemayoparty

Cinco de Mayo Chips & Salsa Bar Cart {Target Giveaway!}

I’m not one to shy away from a fully stocked bar cart. I mean check out my growing cocktail section. But this time around I thought it would be fun to take those items typically found on the bar cart and create a Cinco de Mayo chips and salsa bar cart. Especially perfect since the holiday falls on a Thursday…I’m thinking this is just the kind of bar cart y’all can get your boss to sign off on 😉

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{Fun, Yum & Frills} Colorful Spring table by the pool complete with mini cactus name cards. Perfect for spring or summer dinner party inspiration. #sunflowers #pier1 #poolparty #poolside

Table For Two: Spring Evening By The Pool

Unless you have cooling misters and a plethora of mosquito repellent you most likely won’t find me outside in the summer evenings here in Texas unless I’m neck-deep in the pool. But Spring? Spring is my friend. Those April showers keep the temps down to a bearable warmth and the mosquitos haven’t multiplied by the thousands quite yet (granted if there is even one it will find me). So, since we are a family that enjoys the outdoors, you will find us outside quite a bit this time of year. And that calls for a little date night by the pool!

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{Fun, Yum & Frills} Margarita Lime Cookies sugary, citrusy & salty. All the best parts of a margarita (including the tequila!) #summer #cincodemayo

Margarita Cookies with a Tequila Lime Glaze

You read that right 🙂 I told you I’m not missing out on Cinco de Mayo again this year! With all this recipe testing I think I’ve celebrated the holiday ten times over (and after this one, ten pounds over..hehe).  These margarita cookies don’t disappoint and with the vibrant tequila lime glaze they are ADDICTING! Break out the tequila and get to baking.

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{Fun, Yum & Frills} DIY Corn Napkin folding tutorial. Great for barbecues, Cinco de Mayo tables or pool parties. Easily adaptable into paper napkins for outdoor friendly craft.

Easy Corn Napkin Tutorial

It’s corn-on-the-cob season y’all! I always get so excited when I start to see the fresh corn arriving at the grocery stores. Nothing says summer and pool parties quite like a beautifully charred piece of corn right off the grill (of course slathered in butter too). Or, my new favorite, this Mexican Street Corn recipe. The hubs has already requested this twice since I made it the first time a few weeks back – get on it! With all of this corn happening in our lives, these corn napkins are the perfect way to roll your silverware and dress up your table.

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{Fun, Yum & Frills} Mango Margarita - a simple, easy and LOW CAL version of your perfect margarita! The perfect summer drink or Cinco de Mayo celebration cocktail!

Mango Margarita {+ giveaway!}

Another weekend deserves another cocktail don’t you think? Maybe it’s because I’ve had summer and Cinco de Mayo on the brain but I’ve been in a margarita mood lately. And so, per usual, I share my addiction with you all 🙂 I give you my Mango Margarita – it’s an absolute must!

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{Fun, Yum & Frills} Fun Cinco de Mayo inspired siesta tablescape complete with tequila and lime place cards and corn on the cob napkins!

Cinco de Mayo Tablescape

Margarita glasses, corn on the cob napkins, tequila place cards? Sounds like a fun Cinco de Mayo table setting to me! 🙂 In all honesty I think I’m just trying to make up for years of missed Cinco de Mayo celebrations. So many margarita filled days flew by without me – not cool. This year I am prepared! With my Mexican Street Corn and this fun table setting it’s bound to be a festive day that includes one heck of a siesta.

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{Fun, Yum & Frills} Blueberry Pineapple Mule - a fruity take on the Moscow Mule packed with blueberries, pineapple and a hint of mint.

Blueberry Pineapple Mule

Now that the “winter” (let’s be honest Texans…it basically skipped us this year) is officially behind us and all the pretty things are blooming I can’t help but thirst for those summer cocktails. So many combinations, so little time! Wait…that’s not true…there’s always time for a cocktail 🙂

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{Fun, Yum & Frills} Mexican Street Corn - a savory and spicy side for your Cinco de Mayo or summer barbecue. Roasted corn covered in a mayo and sour cream sauce spiked with lime and cayenne roasted to perfection. Leave the husks on for a fun and easy handle!

Mexican Street Corn

Cinco de Mayo is less than a month away! Truth be told, I feel like this holiday always sort of sneaks up on me and I inevitably wind up missing my perfectly good excuse to drown myself in chips and queso and fish bowl margaritas. Not this year y’all! I have so many fun Cinco de Mayo posts coming your way. To kick it all off we’re starting with my Mexican Street Corn. This is not only a fun Cinco de Mayo side dish but the perfect side kick to your grilled steaks and burgers.

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{Fun, Yum & Frills} Romantic table for two tablescape with Noritake wedding china and hydrangeas.

Table For Two: Wedding China

Back with another table for two setting and this time it happened at my mom’s house! Remember the pretty Easter Table I did with her china? Well, I came across her wedding china in my china hunting frenzy and couldn’t make it work with the easter brunch table but knew I had to create something with those beautiful pale colors. Adding in a bit of colorful hydrangeas and setting myself up poolside fit the bill perfectly. Enjoy yall 🙂

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{Fun, Yum & Frills} Cinnamon Twist Wreath that's not only delicious but a beautiful centerpiece to any breakfast or brunch table.

Cinnamon Twist Wreath

Ok…so I’m a little delayed in getting this recipe to you guys and I get there’s no way you’re going to fit this into your already packed and hectic Easter weekend but here’s the truth – I totally had a FAIL on the first one! It happens y’all. This is my first time working with yeast and rising dough and sometimes it just takes practice. Good news is that while the first one didn’t turn out as pretty as I was hoping, it still tasted AMAZING and there was no complaining in this household when I said, “Well…we’re just going to try that one again!” And BAM. Not only did it turn out beautiful but I also was able to test some theories I had from my flaws on the first one that I can now share with you. So here we go, this yummy and beautiful Cinnamon Twist Wreath by Chatelaine.

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