A Colorful Gender-Neutral Nursery

There’s no denying it – I am at the age where most friends are either getting married or having babies – AND I LOVE IT. We just welcomed our sweet baby girl this past September (how is she so old already!?) and did something a little unusual: we didn’t find out what we were having. I’ll admit it was hard to wrap my head around at first but once we made the decision to not find out, I settled in quite nicely. I loved answering with, “a baby,” when people asked what I was having and referring to my growing bump as “Baby T” (referencing our last name).

Once we decided to start trying and to not find out the sex, obviously the next thing to do was go on a massive Pinning spree to design that nursery. I mean, who needs to worry about ovulation schedules when there’s a nursery to design. Am I right? What I found when I started this Pinning bonanza was that almost all “neutral nurseries” were very…neutral. How much beige, white and grey can one fit into one room? While beautiful, it just wasn’t going to work for me. This is a nursery and I needed color!

I also needed owls. Yes, I am one of those crazy owl people. While I consider it a healthy love…I believe my husband would call it an unhealthy obsession. Regardless of what you want to call it – I do it tastefully. At least I think so.

So, here you have it – our colorful, gender-neutral, owl themed nursery. Huge thank you to my mom for making (yes making) all of the fabric pieces seen!

the main pieces

A Colorful Gender-Neutral Nursery | Fun, Yum & Frills

Because the owl fabric I chose from Carousel Designs leaned a little more towards boy colors (blue, green, orange) I balanced it out with a crib from BuyBuy Baby that had some more feminine lines to it. The wall color is a green with some brown in it (thus, “Koi Pond“), which makes for a very soothing color. I then decided I wanted a subtle statement wall behind the crib and asked a graphic designer friend of mine, Mallory Ming, to help. She came up with this lined design that picks up on some arrow designs in the fabric. To keep the design subtle, I chose to use the same paint color as the wall, just at 30% and gloss finish (main color is flat). The floor got a big, round, orange rug from Tuesday Morning and then I found a fun hand-made mobile on Etsy with the same bright colors as the room.

The nursery is situated with windows that look out onto a side yard so it’s nice and quiet and gets beautiful morning sunlight. This corner by the windows was the perfect place for the rocking chair. This rocking chair was handed down from my mom (that’s right – she used this with my sister and I – cue the “awes”). The little footstool is an antique, brass stool that my mom recovered to match the fabrics in the room. We actually used this little stool in our daughter’s newborn pictures 🙂 To finish this area, my mom came up with the brilliant idea to do an awning over the window versus traditional long-panel drapes so that when the baby started to crawl, we didn’t have to worry about he/she grabbing them.

I am not a big fan of matchy-matchy furniture. I love mixing new with old so when I found this little shelving unit at a boutique store in our area I thought it would be perfect for Baby T’s nursery. Adding baskets from Tuesday Morning & HomeGoods made for the perfect amount of storage.

the details

Click on images below to get info on the remaining details

And here’s the nugget 🙂 Didn’t think I’d do a post on this without showing at least one pic of her did you?


– Paint: Sherwin-Williams “Koi Pond” / Wall Design: Mallory Ming / Rug: Tuesday Morning / Crib: BuyBuyBaby / Changing Table: Home & Garden Boutique (one-of-a-kind) / Baskets: Tuesday Morning & HomeGoods / Owl Fabric: Carousel Designs / Mobile: Etsy / Rocking Chair & Foot Stool: Personal Antique / Toy Chest: Personal Antique refinished by Somethin’ Salvaged /  Shelves: Home Depot / Door Knobs/Hooks: Anthropologie


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