Tea Cup & Martini Glass Flower Centerpieces

As promised, here is the tutorial to create the adorbs tea cup floral centerpieces as seen in the “A Garden Party Bridal Shower” post. Now, I must give credit where credit is due! I had never worked with flower foam until my best friend’s mom introduced me to it to make those tea cup flower arrangements for the bridal shower…and I am ADDICTED! She also taught me a lot about the best way to tackle something like this so thank you!

With regards to the martini glass centerpiece – I couldn’t help myself! When the hubs put a poker night together and I was already making the tea cup arrangements, it was just a natural fit. I’m sure the guys won’t even notice but it gave me an excuse to get creative. I can’t wait to do a casino themed dinner party or big game night so the ladies can enjoy these!

video tutorial


  1. Cut the flower foam to the size of your tea cup/martini glass. Don’t worry about making it perfect, this stuff is really malleable so you can form some of it with your hands if needed.
  2. Soak the foam in water for 10-15 seconds & place back into tea cup/martini glass. You can fill halfway with water now or at end.
  3. Lay out your flower inventory and categorize the main flowers vs the filler flowers.
  4. Start with your statement flower and hold to side of tea cup/martini glass to decide on height (remember it’s always best to cut off less versus more – you can always cut more!).
  5. Once the main flower/s are placed, work in the additional flowers, leaving some holes.
  6. Fill in gaps with filler flowers. *if some of the flowers are buds and you’re doing these at least a day or two in advance of your event, leave some room as those will bloom and fill the gap.*
  7. Store in fridge…or your super fancy wine cellar.

*To make the casino/poker themed martini glass: 1) pick out some cards from the deck 2) tape (preferably with looped or double sided tape) cards around glass

– Flowers: Trader Joe’s / Flower Foam: JoAnn / Tea Cups: heirloom depression ware / Martini Glasses: Tuesday Morning


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