Video My Pin: Letter Planter

I don’t know about you but I am much more of a visual/try it on my own type of learner. I also love all things DIY, baking, cooking, etc. The sad truth is, the majority of the instructional info for these types of activities are just written & photographed – not videod. Which means there is a lot of trial and error until I finally get things the way I have in my head. How much easier it would be if someone could show me and give me tips along the way! And so it begins, Video My Pin. Video My Pin is my ongoing series here on this little blog where I invite anyone and everyone to send me a Pin and get a free video tutorial in return. I’ll do most anything aside from knitting & crocheting projects – mostly because those take way more time than I’m willing to commit at the moment 🙂

So, my dear friend @boomer0330 was the first person to take me up on Video My Pin and boy did she! She loaded me up with requests and I loved them all. But this letter planter was probably one of my favorite DIY’s I’ve done in a long time. To make it even better & more DIY friendly, Michaels already had the letter planters at 40% off when I went! Hope you enjoy this video tutorial and your personalized succulent garden @boomer0330!

-Post your Video My Pin requests on my  Facebook or tag me on Instagram at  @funyumandfrills & be sure to  hashtag #videomypin!-

Video My Pin Instructions - get a free video tutorial of your Pin! -

the video


-Letter “S” Planter: Michaels l Succulents: Home Depot



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