A Very Girly First Birthday Party

It happened. We raised a child without killing ourselves or said child for a whole year. Actually – I think we did surprisingly well 🙂 And that’s cause for celebration. If you’ve been keeping up with me from the beginning here you’ll know we didn’t find out if we were having a girl or boy (see this post or this one if you want more details on gender-neutral baby world things) and we loved every moment of our beautiful surprise. That being said, I didn’t have any super girly or super boyish baby prep festivities. So for this little girl’s first birthday I decided to make up for it – the theme would be all things GIRLY. Bring on the pink, sparkle, flowers & frill!


As you may have seen in my earlier post, It’s an Invitation Party & You’re Invited, the invitations for this party set the tone with flowers, pink and golds and a little bit of sparkle. And yes, I custom made these and no, it was not hard or expensive. Check out this post on invitations to see more details on how to make or customize your own.

Invitations for a very girly birthday on funyumandfrills.comI’m a big fan of having something festive on the door for a party. It’s another sign – outside of those balloons on the mailbox – that your party people are at the right house. I didn’t want to do a sign or wreath this time around so I came up with the idea below. The picture on the left was from baby girl’s newborn shoot and picture on the right is one I did as part of her one-year photo shoot (she’s named after our favorite wine which is what that bottle is…so it’s not that weird that we let her play with a wine bottle right?). The frames were BOGO at Michaels WITH my 20% off total purchase coupon and the ribbon is a gold lace which I ended up using consistently throughout the decor. I just love how these turned out and hearing everyone “awww” as they walked in wasn’t too bad either.

Unique front door party idea for birthday party on funyumandfrills.com

This next piece of frill is something I’d had in my mind for a long time and had no idea how to execute NOR was I able to find any instructions on how to do it…so it was a total fluke that it worked 🙂 I love the concept of flower letters but have only ever seen DIY ones with fake flowers and I didn’t like the idea of mixing fake flowers into the fresh flower arrangements I was going to have everywhere. I LOVE LOVE LOVE how this big rosy “E” turned out and proudly hung it so it was front and center in our entryway. Surprisingly this lasted for about three days! Stay tuned for a tutorial on how to create your own fresh flower letter…I promise I’ll get around to doing it!

Real flower letter on funyumandfrills.com

Now what to do with these hundreds of pictures I’ve taken over the past year? While one thing on my list is to utilize that Shutterfly offer before it expires, I also wanted to show some of my favorites off at the party. A few weeks before her party we helped some friends demo their old fence and I quickly snagged a few pieces before the dumpster got them thinking I could surely find some use for them. Picture wall? BINGO. A quick sand and white washing, some ribbon, nails and mini clothespins and there she was in all her glory – a year of sweet memories on one dumpster-saved fence.

Unique picture wall utilizing old fence on funyumandfrills.com

While the fence got most of the picture love, I had something else in mind for some of my absolute favorites. Baby girl’s birthday was actually the Sunday before her birthday party and I just couldn’t let her not have cake on her birthday! So I figured it was a good opportunity for me to test her smash cake pre party and to get some good photos so I didn’t miss anything at her party. The pics were SO CUTE! They were just perfect for a picture banner right over the sweets table.

Smash cake picture banner for above cake on funyumandfrills.com


Ok – let’s talk about the most important thing – FOOD! Since the party was at 2pm I chose to do all bite size things (also best for mingling). I figured doing just a little bit of non-sweets and then a lot of sweets would also be best. It’s a birthday party after all!


So what can be done on a toothpick that’s scrumptious and not too filling? Immediate thing that came to mind was caprese which is always a favorite and so easy.  I added a second salad to the menu because it’s one of my faves – watermelon salad on a stick. I couldn’t find these the exact way I was envisioning online (even the guy at Market Street was puzzled and wanted a pic) but my mom helped assemble and they were adorable and so yummy! The menu was finished off with DELICIOUS bacon wrapped blue cheese stuffed dates (RIGHT!?).



As everyone knows (or maybe I’m the only fat kid here), a birthday party is all about that cake!! Luckily I got to practice a bit on baby girl’s real birthday and therefore realized I needed to brush up on my cake decorating skills. This little vanilla cake turned out MUCH better and I had plenty left over for mini cupcakes too!

Vanilla smashcake on funyumandfrills.com

Mini vanilla buttercream cupcakes on funyumandfrills.com

Alongside the yummy vanilla and buttercream cakes I added Strawberry & Angel Food Cake Skewers, Cake Batter Rice Krispies Treats, White Chocolate Covered Strawberry Wafers & some Peanut Butter Chocolate Truffles for the chocolate lovers (they were so good I got distracted and ate one versus taking a picture of them – worth it :)).

I also couldn’t help but spread the sugary goodness by sending those Cake Batter Rice Krispies Treats home as party gifts. But my favorite part was having fun creating the note and making the recipe instructions from baby girl herself. Get these recipe/thank you cards for FREE at the bottom!


THE fun

So what does one do for fun at a one-year-old’s birthday party? I mean it’s mostly adults right? Aside from watching her stuff her face and open some presents I wanted to provide something for everyone to enjoy. I remembered how I’d made and still had my own photo props from our Tropical Pool Party earlier in the year and thought I’d try my hand at a full photo booth. Only trouble was – who would take the pictures? I didn’t want anyone missing out on birthday fun because they were stuck on picture duty. Light bulb! SELFIE BOOTH! One selfie stick, my phone on airplane mode and voila. So fun, so easy & made for the perfect addition to our thank you notes. Download your complete Selfie Booth Kit for FREE at the bottom!

Selfie Booth for birthday party on funyumandfrills.com

DIY Selfie Booth for birthday party on funyumandfrills.com

Since the pictures were all taken on my phone I was able to quickly throw them into iPhoto and created this fun video to share with everyone the next day.

So much fun! I wonder what next year will have in store for us little girl 🙂

A very girly first birthday party on funyumandfrills.com

FREE downloads

Cake Batter Rice Krispies Treats Recipe Card and Thank You Note

Selfie Booth Kit

-Invitation: Fun, Yum & Frills custom design / Door Frames, Ribbon & Photo Booth Frames: Michaels


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