Cinco de Mayo Chips & Salsa Bar Cart {Target Giveaway!}

I’m not one to shy away from a fully stocked bar cart. I mean check out my growing cocktail section. But this time around I thought it would be fun to take those items typically found on the bar cart and create a Cinco de Mayo chips and salsa bar cart. Especially perfect since the holiday falls on a Thursday…I’m thinking this is just the kind of bar cart y’all can get your boss to sign off on 😉

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Bite Size Party Appetizers

It’s 2pm and you’re having a party. What to make!? Bite size apps my friend, bite size apps. These three super easy and super yummy appetizers provide the perfect sophisticated assortment of food and still fit perfectly on a toothpick – win win.

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Must try tropical party recipes

Alright guys, the long-awaited recipes from our oh-so-yummy tropical pool party! With the tropical theme I knew I wanted kabobs and then wanted to compliment with a pool party must – burgers! These Aloha burgers are TO DIE FOR. Seriously, I’ve already made a second batch to freeze so we can pull them out when we get a hankering. And instead of fries I went for our favorites: sweet potato stackers & parmesan roasted cauliflower. Come on yall – it’s summer time so get to grilling!

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Carnival themed couples baby shower! l C is for Carnival -

C is for Carnival!

Have I mentioned lately that everyone is getting married and having babies? AND I LOVE IT! Seriously, two of life’s most life changing events you’ll ever go through: getting married and having a child. Experiencing these in your life is one thing…having the privilege to watch your friends walk this path too, almost at the same time, is just magical. And of course the fact that it all calls for parties is pretty great too!

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Game Night: Poker Night

As mentioned in my Tea Cup & Martini Glass Flower Centerpieces post, the hubs was having a poker night and I just couldn’t help myself – I needed to cook, bake and entertain! Plus, I justified it all by saying it was practice for a big future game night or casino themed party. I mean, who can resist a theme?

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