Garden Brunch Tablescape

Brunch is definitely different with a kiddo. Those days of sleeping in until 11am, stumbling to our favorite brunch spot and indulging in bottomless mimosas are long gone. These days it’s more like rise and shine at 6:30, down our coffee, scarf some food down (I suggest Southwestern Breakfast Muffins :)) and then have our friends over to the house to indulge in the second breakfast of the day before putting the little one down for her nap so I can enjoy a couple mimosas. Ya…it’s definitely different but I gotta tell ya…I love my new style of brunching. Partly because I love being able to eat breakfast twice in one day but mostly because it allows me to stick to my 8pm bedtime…I am not ashamed.

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Banana Bread & Gift Wrap

I have a confession y’all…I hate bananas. Even more odd…I love making banana bread. Right? Such a contradiction. Here’s the deal: from a very young age I would complain to my parents that bananas made my mouth itch. However, this weird itching thing didn’t lend itself to showing up on an allergy test so my parents chalked it up to this little girl being her dramatic self and just not liking bananas. So be it. But I still stand by my complaint – bananas make my mouth itch and I will not eat them. As much as I personally despise the fruit…my little girl has given me a new appreciation for them. They’re natures easiest food – soft for the early eater, loaded with nutrients and no packaging required. And thanks to banana breads, I can always get the most out of my bananas without ever having to eat them. I’ll take it…just don’t make me eat it.

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Thanksgiving Tablescape

I’m a sucker for a good tablescape. They are so dang fun to create and there’s so many ways to make them special and unique. And you don’t have to be hosting a dinner party to have one! Creating a tablescape is an easy and inexpensive way to add a festive flair to your home. I love how mine came together this year for our Friendsgiving and am still enjoying those gorgeous colors now!

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Carnival themed couples baby shower! l C is for Carnival -

C is for Carnival!

Have I mentioned lately that everyone is getting married and having babies? AND I LOVE IT! Seriously, two of life’s most life changing events you’ll ever go through: getting married and having a child. Experiencing these in your life is one thing…having the privilege to watch your friends walk this path too, almost at the same time, is just magical. And of course the fact that it all calls for parties is pretty great too!

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