Must try tropical party recipes

Alright guys, the long-awaited recipes from our oh-so-yummy tropical pool party!¬†With the tropical theme I knew I wanted kabobs and then wanted to compliment with a pool party must – burgers! These Aloha burgers are TO DIE FOR. Seriously, I’ve already made a second batch to freeze so we can pull them out when we get a hankering. And instead of fries I went for our favorites: sweet potato stackers & parmesan roasted cauliflower. Come on yall¬†– it’s summer time so get to grilling!

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Tropical Pool Party: Decorations

Confession: I’ve been meaning to throw a pool party for two years. No lie. My husband and I have seriously been talking about doing it for that long. And finally, we planned to throw a beginning of summer pool party for May 30 about two months ago. I literally sent the eVite out about six weeks in advance so that we would actually do it. And it was such a blast!

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