Creative Diaper Shower Gift Wrapping Ideas

So you got invited to a diaper shower huh? If you’re not a female over the age of 25 you probably don’t know what the heck a diaper shower is. And that’s ok! My husband finally just kept calling it, “that thing you’re going to.” So let me explain. Not to make you feel stupid but diaper showers are pretty much exactly what they sound like; you shower a person with diapers. The reason it’s not a baby shower is most likely because someone else is already throwing one of those for the mom-to-be so they’re diversifying or it’s not their first child and have the baby necessities. So, there goes the element of surprise with, “what could this gift be!?” If we can’t have that, why not have, “OMG! How cute!” Yes, that can be the reaction with diapers and wipes, I assure you 🙂

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Carnival themed couples baby shower! l C is for Carnival -

C is for Carnival!

Have I mentioned lately that everyone is getting married and having babies? AND I LOVE IT! Seriously, two of life’s most life changing events you’ll ever go through: getting married and having a child. Experiencing these in your life is one thing…having the privilege to watch your friends walk this path too, almost at the same time, is just magical. And of course the fact that it all calls for parties is pretty great too!

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A Colorful Gender-Neutral Nursery

There’s no denying it – I am at the age where most friends are either getting married or having babies – AND I LOVE IT. We just welcomed our sweet baby girl this past September (how is she so old already!?) and did something a little unusual: we didn’t find out what we were having. I’ll admit it was hard to wrap my head around at first but once we made the decision to not find out, I settled in quite nicely. I loved answering with, “a baby,” when people asked what I was having and referring to my growing bump as “Baby T” (referencing our last name).

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