Creative Diaper Shower Gift Wrapping Ideas

So you got invited to a diaper shower huh? If you’re not a female over the age of 25 you probably don’t know what the heck a diaper shower is. And that’s ok! My husband finally just kept calling it, “that thing you’re going to.” So let me explain. Not to make you feel stupid but diaper showers are pretty much exactly what they sound like; you shower a person with diapers. The reason it’s not a baby shower is most likely because someone else is already throwing one of those for the mom-to-be so they’re diversifying or it’s not their first child and have the baby necessities. So, there goes the element of surprise with, “what could this gift be!?” If we can’t have that, why not have, “OMG! How cute!” Yes, that can be the reaction with diapers and wipes, I assure you 🙂

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It’s Not A Diet…It’s A Challenge

Diet. I hate this word.

Diet. A word that when used as a noun means something totally legit and safe: food or drink that a person or group of people habitually  consume(s) and then rears its ugly verb head and is all nasty: the  selection and limitation of  said food or drink. Does that seem like a trustworthy word to you? No. It’s ominous…and scary.
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Kids Christmas Cookie Decorating Party

You know those celebs that sign up to do bikini photo shoots like three months after having a baby as “motivation” to get back in shape? And we all think they’re crazy? I mean they are…let’s all be honest. Well, I kind of had a moment like that when planning a kids Christmas cookie decorating party this year. I had had it in my head for a while and thought, “oh it can’t be that hard!” And then in looking at the dates was like, “ya! Let’s do it super early in December like right after Thanksgiving.” And then it hits me that that means the whole house would also need to be done and decorated before I even started on party prep – mind you we would be gone until the Sunday after Thanksgiving on a two day road trip with a 14 month old and a dog…motivation right? 🙂 But this adorable party was SO WORTH IT! And truly, the party prep was nothing. Especially when you blast Christmas tunes the whole time.

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A year in #momlife

This month has been a flurry of Pinteresting, Michaels trips, taste testing & crafting. Yes, that tends to be a normal month for me but this one is different. You see, in a week we will gather with our closest friends and family to celebrate baby girl’s first year in this world. A whole year figuring out this world and how to navigate it. With today being E’s actual birthday, I can’t help but think, “Well Melissa, how has your first year in #momlife been?” Let’s see, I knew there would be sleepless nights, endless love, occasional exasperated fights with my husband and countless moments of overwhelming happiness…but there are so many things I didn’t expect. So, while this year has been full of all of the above and countless other beautiful, silly, crazy moments…here’s what I’ve learned most from this little one year old.
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