Table For Two: Spring Evening By The Pool

Unless you have cooling misters and a plethora of mosquito repellent you most likely won’t find me outside in the summer evenings here in Texas unless I’m neck-deep in the pool. But Spring? Spring is my friend. Those April showers keep the temps down to a bearable warmth and the mosquitos haven’t multiplied by the thousands quite yet (granted if there is even one it will find me). So, since we are a family that enjoys the outdoors, you will find us outside quite a bit this time of year. And that calls for a little date night by the pool!

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Table For Two: Wedding China

Back with another table for two setting and this time it happened at my mom’s house! Remember the pretty Easter Table I did with her china? Well, I came across her wedding china in my china hunting frenzy and couldn’t make it work with the easter brunch table but knew I had to create something with those beautiful pale colors. Adding in a bit of colorful hydrangeas and setting myself up poolside fit the bill perfectly. Enjoy yall 🙂

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Table for Two: Valentine’s Day

If you haven’t been told this already – date nights are a bit more challenging when you have a kiddo. 🙂 I won’t go on about the reasonings as I’m sure they’re pretty obvious (if you’re curious just google it…you’ll be inundated). What I will say is when you become a parent just because date nights are harder to do, DON’T STOP DOING THEM! The hubby and I make it a point to do at least one date night a week. Now, let me clarify, that does not mean finding a babysitter and spending money at a nice restaurant. What it does mean is showering and putting something besides active wear on (the struggle is real here), waiting until after the babe has gone to sleep, not sitting in front of the TV and setting the table – for two. Thus, the Table for Two series. This series will follow me on my date night tablescape journey and what a perfect time of year to start – Valentines!

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