Strawberry Lemon Cupcakes

Let me just brag for a moment…Texas is having an AMAZING winter this year (and now I’m sure I just jinxed it). In fact, I’m currently enjoying the sunshine and 65 degree weather as I write this (I’m pushing my luck at this point, I just know it). I think my favorite part about it so far are the abundance of bright, springy flowers in the shops around here. Bushels of bright yellow calla lilies can be seen everywhere! Perhaps this is the normal time of year for it but for some reason it just feels like this is the first time I’m thinking “yay!” versus the typical, “ok, you’re getting ahead of yourself spring.” Maybe it’s the calla lilies, maybe it’s the sunshine, but at this point in time all I can thing about is getting out from the heavy dark chocolate lava cakes and making springy, fluffy, bright desserts.

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Strawberry Hearts

I know it’s not quite strawberry season just yet but nothing can stop Valentine’s Day from covering fruit in chocolate to convince everyone they’re getting a healthy goodie right? See …it’s not me…it’s that tricky Hallmark holiday, Valentine’s Day. Regardless, Trader Joe’s has my strawberries and I had an idea I just HAD to try. And now I just HAVE to share it with yall! I present to you…drumroll please…strawberry hearts!

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Table for Two: Valentine’s Day

If you haven’t been told this already – date nights are a bit more challenging when you have a kiddo. 🙂 I won’t go on about the reasonings as I’m sure they’re pretty obvious (if you’re curious just google it…you’ll be inundated). What I will say is when you become a parent just because date nights are harder to do, DON’T STOP DOING THEM! The hubby and I make it a point to do at least one date night a week. Now, let me clarify, that does not mean finding a babysitter and spending money at a nice restaurant. What it does mean is showering and putting something besides active wear on (the struggle is real here), waiting until after the babe has gone to sleep, not sitting in front of the TV and setting the table – for two. Thus, the Table for Two series. This series will follow me on my date night tablescape journey and what a perfect time of year to start – Valentines!

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Sweets for a Sweet Little Girl’s Party

White chocolate? Chocolate and strawberries? But some people are a salty sweet kind of person. How does one choose what to make for a birthday party? My answer is don’t! When it comes to sweets – make it all!! There’s only a few times a year you get to go totally crazy with your baking creations. Now if that’s just ridiculous, cool – choose whichever of these creations tickles your fancy – you can’t go wrong.

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Mini Almond Butter & Strawberry Muffins

Why yes this is my third post that boasts these DELICIOUS Mini Almond Butter & Strawberry Muffins! The recipe card first made its debut on A Garden Party Bridal Shower and then appeared in Game Night: Poker Night.

So, where did I find this amazing recipe you ask? At the gym of course! 🙂 One of my favorite times to watch Food Network is actually listening to music while on the treadmill – it’s surprising how many tips you pick up on just by watching and not listening – but back to these muffins. I saw these on Giada at Home (Love her! But seriously…how does anyone stay that skinny cooking pasta all the time?) and immediately found and Pinned them – and then got in trouble for being on my phone while using the treadmill. Oh those safety precautions…I’m such a rebel 😉 Hope you enjoy this simple and YUMMY recipe!

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A Garden Party Bridal Shower

Ah, Spring time in Texas. That special time when it goes from 30 to 80 degrees in a 48 hour period, everyone is sick and the pollen count is at an all time high. But aside from these selling points – Spring is, in all seriousness, a gorgeous time of year and one of my favorites (nothing can beat Fall).

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