Table For Two: Wedding China

Back with another table for two setting and this time it happened at my mom’s house! Remember the pretty Easter Table I did with her china? Well, I came across her wedding china in my china hunting frenzy and couldn’t make it work with the easter brunch table but knew I had to create something with those beautiful pale colors. Adding in a bit of colorful hydrangeas and setting myself up poolside fit the bill perfectly. Enjoy yall 🙂

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Easter Brunch Tablescape

We recently went to visit my parents and I learned two things: 1. flying with a toddler during their nap time is both stupid and one of the most stressful things ever (why did we think that would be ok again?) and 2. playing with my mom’s china is my grownup version of dress up. Literally within moments of recovering from the worst plane flight ever, I spotted my mom’s beautiful vintage china and said, “I’ll be doing an Easter brunch table setting. Cool?”

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5 Beautiful & Unique Wedding Moments

Happiness, tears, stress, sleepless nights, fun, planning, lots of love – obviously a wedding is in play right? I was one of those brides that truly loved planning my wedding right down to the goodie bags. Now looking back, the things I cherish most are the unique “moments” we put together to make our day personal and meaningful. Even though these were done for my wedding, I wanted to share them as they can be done exactly as they are or adapted for any wedding. So, here are my top five (and yes, it was hard to choose!) unique and beautiful wedding moments.

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