Strawberry Hearts

I know it’s not quite strawberry season just yet but nothing can stop Valentine’s Day from covering fruit in chocolate to convince everyone they’re getting a healthy goodie right? See …it’s not me…it’s that tricky Hallmark holiday, Valentine’s Day. Regardless, Trader Joe’s has my strawberries and I had an idea I just HAD to try. And now I just HAVE to share it with yall! I present to you…drumroll please…strawberry hearts!

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Paleo Southwestern Breakfast Muffins

LAST WEEK OF WHOLE30!! If you are scratching your head about what the heck Whole30 is check out It’s Not A Diet…It’s A Challenge. If you are scratching your head about why the extra exclamation point is needed let me explain. I am not only finally on the upswing of Whole30 (so many victories happening!) but also only one week away from a nice little celebratory cocktail after 30 days of NO ALCOHOL…and did I mention I had a toddler? Ya, I’m ready for a drink.

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It’s Not A Diet…It’s A Challenge

Diet. I hate this word.

Diet. A word that when used as a noun means something totally legit and safe: food or drink that a person or group of people habitually  consume(s) and then rears its ugly verb head and is all nasty: the  selection and limitation of  said food or drink. Does that seem like a trustworthy word to you? No. It’s ominous…and scary.
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