Sunday BBQ: Tablescape & Berry Crumble

Well, May certainly has proven to be the busiest month of the year thus far. Full of thunderstorms, a teething baby, weddings and family events. So, why not throw in a Sunday BBQ with the grandparents? First off, grandparents are always welcome – especially now that they are GREAT grandparents. Secondly…who turns down BBQ?

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Carnival themed couples baby shower! l C is for Carnival -

C is for Carnival!

Have I mentioned lately that everyone is getting married and having babies? AND I LOVE IT! Seriously, two of life’s most life changing events you’ll ever go through: getting married and having a child. Experiencing these in your life is one thing…having the privilege to watch your friends walk this path too, almost at the same time, is just magical. And of course the fact that it all calls for parties is pretty great too!

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Mini Almond Butter & Strawberry Muffins

Why yes this is my third post that boasts these DELICIOUS Mini Almond Butter & Strawberry Muffins! The recipe card first made its debut on A Garden Party Bridal Shower and then appeared in Game Night: Poker Night.

So, where did I find this amazing recipe you ask? At the gym of course! 🙂 One of my favorite times to watch Food Network is actually listening to music while on the treadmill – it’s surprising how many tips you pick up on just by watching and not listening – but back to these muffins. I saw these on Giada at Home (Love her! But seriously…how does anyone stay that skinny cooking pasta all the time?) and immediately found and Pinned them – and then got in trouble for being on my phone while using the treadmill. Oh those safety precautions…I’m such a rebel 😉 Hope you enjoy this simple and YUMMY recipe!

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Game Night: Poker Night

As mentioned in my Tea Cup & Martini Glass Flower Centerpieces post, the hubs was having a poker night and I just couldn’t help myself – I needed to cook, bake and entertain! Plus, I justified it all by saying it was practice for a big future game night or casino themed party. I mean, who can resist a theme?

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Lemon Blueberry Cake for Two

I have to say, I am much more of a peanut butter and chocolate kind of girl but my husband just loves fruity desserts and seeing as it was his birthday I guess it was only appropriate that I bake something he wanted. 🙂 And this recipe by Cooking Classy, once adapted for 2, hit the spot!

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